Root Canal Treatment

The basic structure of our tooth consists of two hard layers called the Enamel and Dentin, which protect the innermost part of the tooth called as Pulp. Pulp consists of connective tissues, nerves and blood vessels, which provide nutrients to the tooth. Any kind of breach in the protective layers of the tooth can form cavities. This breach could be due food accumulation, accidents, trauma. If such a breach involves pulp tissue, it can lead to infection & swelling.

The main objective of the Root Canel Treatment procedure is to remove the infected and necrosed pulp tissue and fill the canal back with a suitable inert material. This treatment can be carried out in single or multiple appointments depending on the severity of the case.

The basic steps that are followed in this procedure include:

Step 1: Local aneasthesia-
In this step that particular region of the tooth is made numb.

Step 2: Access opening-
In this step, a opening is made into the tooth to make a unhindered pathway upto the root canals. The necrosed and infected pulp tissue is removed and a medicated dressing is placed followed by a temporary restoration.

Step 3: Biomechanical preparation-
In this step, the root canals are prepared with special files to remove the infected tissue completely with frequent copious irrigation with a antimicrobial agent between the files.

Step 4: Obturation-
In this step, the root canal is dried and then filled with a inert material called gutta percha.

Step 5: Post obturation restoration-
In this step, a final permanent restoration is placed which is followed by crown cementation (cap).